Meet Clare Kindall

Clare Kindall is a lawyer who has been litigating in the public and private sectors for more than 28 years. She has the experience, the dedication and the vision Connecticut needs to be our next Attorney General.


Clare grew up in Waterbury where her brothers are firefighters, her sister is a special education teacher in the public schools, and her mom, a retired research chemist, still lives in the house where Clare grew up. With the financial assistance of her extended family, Clare graduated from Notre Dame Academy, Wellesley College, and the University of Virginia School of Law.


After eight years in private practice, Clare joined the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office in 1998. For two decades, Clare has litigated and tried cases in state and federal court overseeing charities, empowering consumers, fighting against fraud and predatory businesses practices, enforcing anti-trust, transportation, environmental and energy laws and battling the federal government, including a challenge to the unfunded mandates of the “No Child Left Behind Act.” Since becoming head of the Attorney General’s Energy Department in 2011, Clare’s work helped recover more than $100 million from public utilities that have been used to reduce rates for consumers.


Clare values public service. In West Hartford, she served five years on the Board of Education, including two as Chair, and two terms on the Town Council. She also managed George Jepsen’s successful first campaign for Attorney General in 2010.


Clare is committed to continuing the Office of the Attorney General’s long tradition of defending the people of Connecticut – including the vigorous defense of the state’s laws, regulations and standards from encroachments by the federal government. The next person to hold this office must have the right experience and vision on day one to carry forward this vital work. With decades of work on some of the biggest legal issues facing our state, experience in public service at the local and state levels, and a strong vision for the office, Clare Kindall is the best candidate for Attorney General.


Paid for by Clare Kindall for Attorney General 2018,
Robert E. Facey, Jr., Treasurer

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