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Are the following statements about the East Lansing Public Schools Bond Proposal slated for the Feb. 28 ballot TRUE or FALSE


This bond proposal significantly reduces the number of East Lansing children who have a walkable neighborhood school. (True or False)TRUEThis $53M bond proposal also limits the opportunity for other ELPS construction or technology investments until almost 2050. (True or False)TRUELocal leaders are concerned about the fact that sixty percent of bond construction funds will be spent within one square-mile in the district. (True or False)TRUEThe bond calls for simultaneous reconstruction of five elementary schools within five years, ensuring overcrowded classrooms, multiple building transitions, and inconsistent learning environments for current and future students. (True or False)TRUEBond funds will provide state-of-the-art technology via mobile, wireless computing devices that are directly integrated into classroom learning environments. (True or False)FALSE  ELPD bond plans provide for a one-time influx of funds to support construction of static computer labs and facilities technology such as  keyless entry and telephone systems. 




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